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Frequently Asked Questions

A highly skilled and capable painting contractor can not only deliver upon the precise requirements of the property owners but also enables them to think outside the box when it comes to textured finishes, color gradients, and design additions. At Ramirez Painting, LLC we have undertaken numerous projects over the years and highlight our approaches for being as transparent and customer service oriented as possible. We thrive in the face of adversity and on this page are providing reference information that can be relied upon to determine if hiring us is the right choice to make. Our exceptional offers and work ethic help us stand out across Santa Fe, NM.

What are the perks of exterior painting?

Getting professional house painting service for the exterior painting of any given property can ensure that the finishes are exceptional which directly translates to higher property value. New paint protects the foundational materials from the natural elements and extends the lifespan of the property. If painted properly, property owners never have to be worried about staining or peeling while also enjoying the precise finishes they desired.

Is investing in repainting an interior worth it?

Yes. When it comes to house painting ensuring that the interiors look precisely the way the property owners desired is what we excel at, our offers, the work ethic that we adopt as well our ability to provide some truly unique finishes, textures, and even color gradients help the property owners to manifest their creative visions. Repainting interiors also adds to the value of the property as the space looks a lot more well-kept.

How to properly prepare surfaces for paint?

To ensure that your new paint additions yield exceptional results, there are numerous steps to be considered during the preparation phase of the property. This phase includes the removal of cracked or previously installed peeling paint and sanding down all the edges to smoothen the surface as this helps with paint adhering. Scrub all the surfaces with a mild detergent and a sponge or a rag to remove all the dirt, grease, oil, and dust that might be on surfaces. However, to get some truly reliable results we suggest leaving the prepping phase to some truly reliable house painting services.

How expensive is painting commercial buildings?

The overall expenses that are affiliated with commercial painting are entirely dependent on the dimensions of the space that needs to be painted, the type of paint that the property owners desire as well as the cost of raw materials and finally labor. Adding together these factors can present accurate estimates of the costs, however, if clients desire some estimates for their specific property, we suggest they reach out to us and we will help them with all the details they might need.

How experienced are you at painting?

As highly reliable and trusted experts in our industry, we have been providing exceptional painting results to our community for the better part of an entire decade. Through this time, we have evolved our approaches, ensured that we never compromise on customer service, and utilized the right tools and technologies on the market.

We hope that once any new clients that are looking to get some painting work done go through our queries page they are confident about putting their faith in us for their future requirements. However, we are also open to making sure that any specific concerns they might have are addressed and urge them to simply contact Ramirez Painting, LLC today at (505) 225-7688. Our customer service professionals will be more than happy to deliver some exceptional quality results across Santa Fe, NM.

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