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The Painting Service to Get to Freshen Up Stucco

Does the stucco of your house need to be freshened up a bit? Is it time to apply a new coating of paint to make it look fresh and new again? Have the stucco surfaces of your house painted by a professional such as Ramirez Painting, LLC. We offer a stucco painting service to homeowners residing in the Santa Fe, NM area.


Why Paint Stucco?

If you have stucco on the exterior of your house, you can expect it to get dirty and dusty over time. After all, it is exposed to the elements and simply washing it down with a garden hose won’t do the trick. Eventually, the color will fade and you will have to apply a new coat of paint. Because of the mortar-like consistency of stucco, applying paint can become complicated. But the results will make the stucco look brand new again. If you don’t know how to paint stucco, consider getting a painting service from professionals like us.


We’ll Paint the Stucco for You!

Our stucco painting services will make sure that the paint is properly applied so that the old stucco will look brand new again. Before we apply the paint, we’ll clean the stucco surface first and remove any dirt, dust, or other debris stuck or sitting on the surface. If there are cracks, we’ll caulk them so that the surface will be smooth and consistent. We’ll then apply a primer to prepare it for the painting process. Once the primer is dry, we’ll then paint the entire surface, making use of different tools such as paintbrushes and rollers, depending on what is being painted. Choose us and we’ll have the stucco freshly-painted before you know it!


Ramirez Painting, LLC is a painting service provider who can apply paint on any old stucco in your house. Do you want to apply a new coat of paint on the old exterior stucco of your house in Santa Fe, NM? Give us a call at (505) 225-7688 today!

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